Wordsmith of the Year is an annual contest open to our contributors. It's a chance for the talented individuals who have shared their work with us to gain recognition and celebrate their contributions to Wordsmith Magazine.

The 2024 WORDSMITH OF THE YEAR CONTEST is now open for Submissions!

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The Wordsmith of the Year is an exclusive annual contest that celebrates the exceptional contributions of our talented contributors to Wordsmith Magazine. It’s your chance to stand in the spotlight and receive the recognition you truly deserve for your remarkable writing skills.


To enter, you must have contributed to Wordsmith Magazine during the current calendar year. All submissions from January 2024 through December 2024 are eligible for the 2024 Wordsmith of the Year.  Send us your best piece from this year. It can be an article, essay, short story, poem, or any other form of creative writing that you’ve shared with us. Please refer to the submission guidelines here

Entry Fee: $65

Please refer to the guidelines below for additional information.

Wordsmith of the Year Contest Eligibility and Guidelines:

Welcome to the Wordsmith of the Year Contest, a celebration of creativity and originality in the world of writing. Please review the eligibility criteria and guidelines carefully before submitting your entry:

Contest Guidelines:

The Wordsmith of the Year contest operates as follows:

1. Contributor Participation: Anyone interested in the contest can become a contributor. These contributors are eligible to submit their creative written works for consideration.

2. Monthly Selection: Each month, a “Wordsmith of the Month” is chosen from among the contributors. This selection is based on the quality and creativity of their submissions.

3. Monthly Finalist: The chosen “Wordsmith of the Month” becomes a monthly finalist. Their work is recognized and highlighted within the contest community.

4.  Accumulating Finalists: Over the course of the year, 12 monthly finalists are determined, each from a different month.

5. Wordsmith of the Year: At the end of the year, a special panel or the contest organizers evaluate and select the “Wordsmith of the Year” from these 12 monthly finalists. This grand title is awarded to the contributor whose body of work throughout the year showcases exceptional wordcraft and creativity.

The Wordsmith of the Year contest thus serves as an ongoing platform to celebrate and acknowledge the talents of writers, with the ultimate honor going to the Wordsmith of the Year.


Prizes for the Winners: 

The Wordsmith of the Month will receive the following prizes:

a. **$250 Cash Prize:** The winner will be awarded a cash prize of $250 as a recognition of their outstanding work.

b. **Featured Author:** The winning author will be featured in the upcoming issue of Wordsmith Magazine, including an exclusive cover page and a one-page spread dedicated to their work. This feature will provide them with a platform to showcase their creativity to a broader audience.

c. **Finalist for Wordsmith of the Year:** The Wordsmith of the Month will automatically become a finalist for the prestigious Wordsmith of the Year award. This award recognizes the best contributor of the year based on the quality and impact of their work.

We encourage all our talented contributors to take part in the Wordsmith of the Year Contest and share their unique perspectives and literary talents with our readers. Best of luck, and we look forward to receiving your exceptional submissions!

The Wordsmith of the Year will receive the following prizes:

a. **$3,000 Cash Prize:** The winner will be awarded a cash prize of $3,000 as a recognition of their outstanding work.

b. **Publication Package:** The winning contributor’s book will be published under the banner of Wordsmith Magazine Bookstore. This comprehensive package provides unwavering support for book publishing, including cover design, editing, and marketing assistance. This package is designed to propel the author’s literary career to the next level, ensuring their work receives the recognition it deserves. The winning contributor’s book will be published under the banner of Wordsmith Magazine Online Bookstore.

c. **Custom Trophy or Award:** A custom-designed trophy or award plaque to commemorate the author’s achievement, which they can proudly display.

Criteria for Judging:

In order to select the Wordsmith of the Year, entries will be evaluated based on a set of comprehensive criteria to ensure fairness and transparency in the judging process. The following criteria will be used to assess the quality of the submitted works:

1. **Creativity and Originality (30 points):**
– Uniqueness of the author’s voice and style.
– Demonstrated ability to offer fresh, innovative ideas.
– Creative use of language and literary techniques.

2. **Writing Craftsmanship (25 points):**
– Clarity, coherence, and organization of the work.
– Mastery of grammar, punctuation, and syntax.
– Effective storytelling, characterization, and descriptive elements (for fiction and creative non-fiction).
– Effective argumentation and evidence (for essays and non-fiction).

3. **Relevance and Impact (20 points):**
– The relevance of the content to the chosen theme or topic.
– The depth of thought and the impact of the work on the reader.
– The ability to engage, provoke thought, or elicit emotional responses.

4. **Adherence to Guidelines (15 points):**
– Strict adherence to Wordsmith Submission Guidelines, including formatting and style requirements.
– Submission within the specified deadline.

5. **Overall Quality (10 points):**
– The judges’ overall impression of the work, taking into consideration the synergy of all the elements mentioned above.

**Feedback and Judging Process:**
– Each submission will be evaluated by a panel of qualified judges who are experts in the field of writing and literature.
– Judges will provide constructive feedback to the participants, focusing on strengths and areas for improvement.
– The judges’ scores for each criterion will be tallied to determine the finalists and the overall winner.

In the event of a tie, the tie-breaker will be based on the judge’s assessment of the submission’s originality and creativity, as well as its impact on the reader.

The criteria outlined above will guide the selection of the Wordsmith of the Year, ensuring that the author who best embodies creativity, craftsmanship, relevance, adherence to guidelines, and overall quality is duly recognized for their exceptional contributions to the world of writing.