Before engaging yourself into this community, you should ask yourself – why should I start a book blog to begin with? Am I fit for this? What do I want to achieve? These are fair questions. You must be serious with this thing if you want to start one, as this needs a lot of knowledge and determination, as well as motivation, and this requires time for you to sustain it.

To become a successful book blogger, it demands a lot of effort. You must need it, not just want it. Book blogging may be one of the most rewarding things you can experience, but it can also be frustrating at times. So, if your love for books is exceptional and you want to share that to people, you need an outlet to do so, then maybe – book blogging is for you. Here are some things you can also consider before you decide to start your own book blog.

  1. You want to connect to people and influence them.

Social media has greatly influenced everyone in this world, it can unite or break everyone. Even an introvert has started integrating oneself into the blogging community and started making friends along the way. Thus, if you want to meet different types of people from different parts of the world, having your own blog might just be one of the keys in achieving that. Blogging community is full of wonderful people who share common interests with you. One common goal of these people who start their own book blog is to influence readers, educate people and encourage them to read and read and think for themselves. You are more than welcome to join this club.

  1. You want to earn while doing what you love.

Isn’t it wonderful to do what you want and at the same time, get paid by doing it? Realistically speaking, you can make money by blogging about books. There are a lot of people who have chosen to do this as their full-time job, and they have made a good chunk out of it. Earning doesn’t only mean monetary, it can also earn you the perks of doing so like getting “free books”. This is one of the perks when doing this. You get the chance of reading these books ahead of others before they get distributed to the stores.

  1. You want to become better.

Starting your own book blog or any kind of blog, is a great start for you to break into the publishing industry. This provides you the opportunity to showcase your skills if you are planning to become a freelance writer. Through your blog, you get to review your skills from the feedback of your readers – that way, you’ll know what and how to improve. Through blogging, this will encourage you to be more of a critical thinker. If this outlet is something you can be proud of, cultivate it. That’s your talent.

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