Jen Seiter

Jen Seiter

Food is viewed in different ways in people’s lives, but most of all, it is the understanding of whether food is seen in a healthy or unhealthy way that is most significant for people. For author Jen Seiter, her relationship with food has been a constant battle in her life. Her new autobiography, Be happy today, no matter what you weigh recounts the nearly twenty-five years of her life she spent dieting and believing that she had to reach a certain size and look in order to live her best life. The third child of sixteen (yes, sixteen) children, Jen’s struggles to stay focused led her to be labeled a difficult child and have challenges in being understood by others, including her own family. With this early struggle in childhood came the realization that food was a comfort for her but also a deterrent to her body image. Thus, the over two decades of trying one diet after the other, including a starvation diet where she only ate five hundred calories a day! Including raising four children, dealing with her husband’s job changes, moving, and her mother’s sudden diagnosis of, and subsequent passing from, a brain tumor, food became a comfort and curse to Jennifer. However, Be happy today, no matter what you weigh also shows the triumphs Jen experienced in the battle against food and what lessons she learned that she wishes to impart to those in similar diet circumstances, characterized in “limiting beliefs” of false ideals she had about weight and herself. Now a mindset coach delving into the psychology of eating, Jen encourages those she has helped (and readers) to uncover the “whys” in their relationships with food and not be afraid to make those changes to live your best life with food.


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